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Instagrammable holidays, HGV TV-worthy home décor, flawless skin, toned body, finding THE ONE – we live in a world driven by the economy of perfectionism. On social media, in TED Talks, self-help books and reality TV, we’re constantly bombarded with advice on how to become the perfect version of ourselves. We have to be happy, productive and – well, plain perfect. Anything short of that is failure.
When did average stop being OK? We look at the race for perfection, the illusion and economic stakes behind it all.


As the world leaves lockdowns behind and sets on a spending spree, retailers take stock of the shift in consumer behavior and try to prepare their businesses for the future. Though we still lack the true benefit of hindsight, the link between technology and how we spend is more significant than ever before. An insightful visual perspective on spending.


Creativity shifted from an ability that was neglected for centuries, unexploited and somehow criticized, to the ultimate capacity to produce original ideas, to flexibly adapt to changing situations, and to apply one’s imagination to solve complex problems. Report after report, creativity is shown to be rising in value among workplace skills. An exclusive visual perspective on the state of creativity.


Women are leading in more areas of life than ever before. From the boardroom to the top tier of universities, women are making it. But what does the data actually tells us about all these new opportunities and about the overall status of women in 2021 and what challenges do women still face on a daily basis? An exclusive visual perspective on the state of women.